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animation designs from back in the calarts’dayz

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My sister’s terrarium garden is one of the loveliest things I’ve ever seen.

Photos by Heidi.

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Fan Bingbing in Georges Chakra’s Fall 2012 couture gown (X-Men: Days of Future Past World Premiere, May 10)

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my year 8 students had to do a budgeting activity pretending they were living out of home on $2000 a month and I find this written on there help I can’t fucking breathe


my year 8 students had to do a budgeting activity pretending they were living out of home on $2000 a month and I find this written on there help I can’t fucking breathe

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I see people saying “How can this happen? Isn’t this America?”




Well, yes. This IS America.



(US Army attacks homeless veterans protesting in Washington, DC in 1932)



1960s Birmingham, Alabama



1970 attack on unarmed student protesters at Kent State University



Police action at peaceful UC Davis Occupy protest 

Let’s not pretend like the police actions taken this week are anything new. It’s just the most recent manifestation of a problem America has had for a very long time.

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CNN REPORTER Fredricka Whitfield interviews the Store Owner’s Lawyer (from the store that was “”“”“”“robbed”“”“”“”“”“”” by “”“”“”“”“”mike brown”“”“”“”“”“)

As the lawyer begins to explain what really happened, cnn “”“”“loses the feed”“”“”“


afterwards cnn got back to the conversation with the lawyer BUT THEY CHANGED THE TOPIC // I made a post with some more information from the lawyer // It’s important to look at that link. you’ll learn that mike brown WAS innocent and the police had nothing on him so they went to the shop, after mike was already dead and the investigation into his death had begun, and that was when they first saw the tapes and were able to say essentially “this guy looks sorta like Mike Brown we can just say he was responding to a robbery report”

The owners never filed a robbery report, either did any of the store’s workers

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*unearthly screeching*

I want all these cops dead. 



*unearthly screeching*

I want all these cops dead. 

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Lviv, Ukraine (by Andriy Prokopenko)

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Fiery Looping Rain on the Sun [Full HQ video]

Eruptive events on the sun can be wildly different. Some come just with a solar flare, some with an additional ejection of solar material called a coronal mass ejection (CME), and some with complex moving structures in association with changes in magnetic field lines that loop up into the sun’s atmosphere, the corona.

On July 19, 2012, an eruption occurred on the sun that produced all three. A moderately powerful solar flare exploded on the sun’s lower right hand limb, sending out light and radiation. Next came a CME, which shot off to the right out into space. And then, the sun treated viewers to one of its dazzling magnetic displays — a phenomenon known as coronal rain.

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The Cities By Night scarf collection by Slow Factory

Science. Technology. Engineering. ART. Math.



hi, dandelion.

Anonymous said: i dont understand what reblogging stuff about ferguson is gonna do,like its important but what does it really do? people just reblog the horrible stuff then keep on scrolling. it does nothing.


Reblogging news information to keep others informed is really useful and important? Considering that the news outlets in America is pretty bias and making the protesters seem like they’re the ones causing trouble it’s important to shed light on it. For example, this was ages ago, but when I took a Psychology, Anthropology, and Sociology class a lot of people didn’t watch the news including myself and that’s not an uncommon thing to hear even years later after I took that course. Part of our everyday assignment was to watch the news and talk about it the social issues that we face which is essentially the real life version of what I’m doing right now but with reblogging information, and spreading commentary about police brutality and racism through the internet.

Also, if someone is from ferguson/near, or they want to help then I reblog information with updates because a lot of people don’t trust the news because of racialized biases and that’s in a good chunk of these news major news outlets. It’s better to be informed, than ignorant on the subject. I’ve also had plenty of people who didn’t really think racism was that big of an issue message me saying that they’ve learned so much and they’re less ignorant because of reblogging all the news info and commentary on it.

So no, it doesn’t “just do nothing.” 


White people praising Humans of New York for ‘humanizing’ the people of the Middle East… what the fuck did you think they were before? Terrorists? Savages? Extremists? Subhumans? It needed to take a white guy with a camera for you all to realize that our people are humans with lives that your fucking government destroyed.

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San Francisco Police shoot & kill 19 yr old

Warning: the video is graphic.

Yesterday, at 4:45 p.m., SFPD shot a teenager who fled during a fair inspection on a Muni light rail car. The cops claimed that he was armed and had fired shots at them first. After the suspect was shot in the back, no gun was found. Doesn’t this sound awfully familiar? 

Seriously though, you shot a 19 yr old over a $2 fair? And he later died in the hospital, all because he didn’t pay a $2 fair & you assumed he had a gun. Back up arrived before an ambulance did. No back up was needed. There were already other cops on the scene, some even carrying assault rifles.  The man was on the ground fighting for his life. That moment in the video where he struggles to even attempt to get up is some of the most chilling video I’ve seen. Ever. 

It’s okay though right? America will probably ignore this & move on to some more mindless crap,  as is usually the case. I’ve seen it before with the Oscar grant case, Sean bell, James Brissette, and countless others. When will this country’s collective conscious wake up?

humans are a cancer

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